Airgas, Inc. have announced the retirement of Gordon L. Keen, Jr. as senior vice president, law and corporate development, after completing 24 years of service to the company as both outside counsel, and as a full-time officer of the company for the past 14 years.

\\$quot;Gordon has provided excellent leadership to Airgas during every major development in its history, from the founding of the company in 1982, to our two largest acquisitions, the addition of the U.S. packaged gas businesses from Air Products in 2002 and BOC in 2004,\\$quot; said Airgas chairman and chief executive officer Peter McCausland. \\$quot;˜He also has provided management and the Board of Directors with outstanding counsel as a mentor and friend.\\$quot;

McCausland also announced that Dean A. Bertolino, vice president, general counsel and secretary, and Leslie J. Graff, vice president, corporate development, will report directly to the CEO in their current leadership of the Law and Corporate Development teams.

\\$quot;Gordon Keen's lasting contribution to Airgas has been helping to establish strong teams in both law and corporate development,\\$quot; said McCausland. \\$quot;˜Dean, Les and their respective teams will continue to represent Airgas in their ongoing work.\\$quot;

McCausland also announced that in recognition of Gordon Keen's contributions to Airgas, an annual award has been created to honor an Airgas associate who has best helped Airgas grow through acquisition or innovation. The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Keen helped create Airgas in 1982 just a month after he co-founded the law firm of McCausland, Keen & Buckman; he was the lead attorney on the acquisition of Connecticut Oxygen, which marked the beginning of the Airgas story.

In 1992, he joined the company full time as vice president of corporate development, while also providing oversight to the Law department. In 1997, he was promoted to senior vice president, law and corporate development, the role he has held for the past eight years.