Airgas, an Air Liquide company, has been delivering an average of 2,700 oxygen cylinders daily to customers in New York City as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold at a staggering pace.

On the ground, the company’s bulk field technicians have been heroically working behind the scenes to help hospital bulk systems keep up with the unprecedented demands.

As bulk oxygen deliveries to New York City hospitals climbed to a peak on 31st March with more than double the daily rate of deliveries, the bulk field technicians worked hard to make sure the systems functioned accordingly.

“I’ve been amazed, but not surprised, by this impressive team,” said Rich Cassano, Vice-President of Bulk Sales and Operations, Airgas East Region. “They’ve taken charge, demonstrated leadership and taken full ownership of their projects, helping New York City area hospital customers handle a medical surge that we’ve never collectively faced before.”

“Their attitudes and commitment under pressure are a real testament to the innovative energy and customer dedication we have at Airgas.”


Source: Airgas

When Airgas’ bulk field technicians aren’t making adjustments on fixed bulk systems, they’re busy working to place portable trailers – many of which are helping hospitals boost storage capacity, vaporisation and pressure.

So far, the team has placed eight portable systems in the New York City area. These portables were repositioned and retested for medical oxygen use as Airgas initiated preparations in early March.

The largest and most rapid install thus far is at the Westchester County Center Alternate Care Facility in White Plains, New York. The 110-bed temporary facility is being housed inside the Westchester County Center and across four tents in the center’s parking lot.