Changes are revealed at Airgas as Andy Cichocki has been named a Division President and Steve Marinelli has been promoted to succeed Cichocki as President of Airgas National Welders, a former company joint venture partner and now a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Cichocki’s division includes Airgas Carbonic, Airgas Dry Ice and Airgas National Welders. According to the company, the move is part of the planned retirement transition for Ted Schulte, current Division President of Airgas Gas Operations who will continue to direct Airgas Specialty Products, Airgas Nitrous Oxide and the newly formed Airgas Refrigerants until his retirement in the summer of 2009.

“Ted’s dedication and focus has helped Airgas become a leader in the CO2 business,” said Mike Molinini, Chief Operating Officer for Airgas. “The solid foundation he has helped to build in our Gas Operations Division will contribute to much future success for Airgas.”

Cichocki has served as President of Airgas National Welders and Airgas’ joint venture National Welders, based in Charlotte, since 2003. Prior to that, he served in key corporate roles for Airgas, including senior vice president of human resources, senior vice president of business operations and planning, and 10 years as vice president of corporate development.

“Andy has demonstrated dynamic leadership skills throughout his career at Airgas. His promotion to division president will allow Airgas to tap more of his 20 plus years’ experience in industrial gas distribution,” Molinini added.