In June, industrial gas company Airgas marked the grand opening of its new air separation units (ASUs), one in Carrollton, Kentucky, USA, and the other in New Carlisle, Indiana, USA.

Both plants are owned and operated by Airgas Merchant Gases, LLC, and have been built to meet demand for bulk and packaged gases in the surrounding areas.

Each represents an investment of more than $30m, and has the capacity to liquefy at least 350 tons per day of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon for merchant bulk delivery.

A pipeline from the Carrollton plant supplies nitrogen to Dow Corning Corporation’s silicone production facility adjacent to the plant.

$quot;This new plant provides a crucial link in the supply chain for bulk and packaged gases used in industrial, medical, food processing, research, and construction applications,$quot; said Peter McCausland, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Airgas.

“We greatly appreciate our role in supplying Dow Corning Corporation, and are proud to be able to contribute to the economic vitality of the Carroll County region with this new facility that creates 20 jobs in production and distribution.”

Similarly, the plant in New Carlisle has a pipeline coming from it, supplying the adjacent facilities of I/N Tek and I/N Kote, major steel processing plants jointly owned by ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel.

“Our sourcing objectives always strive for the lowest total cost of supply and the highest reliability of the associated supply chain,” said Chris Richards, President of I/N Tek and I/N Kote.

“We believe that we are achieving both objectives through this new nitrogen plant.”
A ‘chain cutting’ ceremony was held at each plant; on both occasions officials used an oxygen-acetylene torch to separate a chain and open the property.