The largest US distributor of specialty gases and equipment has provided essential equipment to bring medical grade oxygen to hospitals in Haiti.

Airgas has pledged its support to Partners In Health (PIH), an international healthcare organisation that works in 12 countries to deliver quality healthcare to people and communities devastated by joint burdens of poverty and disease.

Although PIH has served Haiti for more than 20 years with its medical and community programmes, the group has realised an urgent need to help those affected by the earthquake on 12th January 2010.

Airgas has provided essential equipment to bring medical grade oxygen to hospitals in Haiti through PIH.

The company donated 100 cylinders that will allow all of the nine hospitals supported by Zanmi Lasante in Haiti to store and refill supplies of medical oxygen.

Airgas is also building an oxygen manifold that can link cylinders together to provide oxygen to multiple patients at a time.

Furthermore, Airgas called on its partner, Essex Industries, to join them in donating 100 medical oxygen regulators. These invaluable pieces of equipment allow physicians to control the flow rate of oxygen when administering to patients.

“When the earthquake devastated Haiti, we immediately began looking for ways to get involved,” said Kelly Justice, Senior Vice President of Airgas Puritan Medical Division.
“We are honored to help meet the medical needs of people who are displaced, injured, ill or otherwise affected by the earthquake.”

“The generous donation from Airgas will allow Partners In Health and Zanmi Lasante to continue to improve the level of care at our facilities. In particular, the donated cylinders will replace some of the older cylinders currently in use, improving safety standards,” said Kathryn Kempton, Director of Procurement at PIH.

“This donation will not only provide immediate aid but will also help to strengthen the hospital infrastructure and raise the overall level of care at the facilities in which we work.”

To join Airgas in its commitment to the people of Haiti, please consider donating to Partners in Health. Visit