Yesterday, Airgas, Inc. awarded David Harrigan, the company’s Logistics Vice President for his outstanding leadership in the pursuit of excellence.

The annual award is named for Scott M. Melman, former Airgas Chief Financial Officer who died in 2001. According to the award's inscription, it honours $quot;Airgas employees who exhibit the qualities we remember in Scott M. Melman: professionalism, perseverance, enthusiasm, energy, a sense of honour, and the courage to speak up and make a difference.”

Harrigan’s accolade represents the tenth year of the award. According to Mike Rohde, Airgas Senior Vice President, it was Harrigan’s managerial skills that highlighted him as a favourite for the title. Rohde explained, “David ensured that he hired, trained and promoted one of the finest teams of distribution managers in the distribution business. He clearly understood that his management team needed to perform at a very high level and his consistent approach to performance standards in all distribution functions gives us one of the most efficient HSCs in the industry.”

Airgas Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Molinini was equally keen to acknowledge Harrigan’s efforts, “David Harrigan led the charge in getting the six Distribution Centres online in a single day during our recent SAP conversion, while at the same time implementing the use of Radio Frequency Terminals that will save us an additional $1m per year.” Molinini concluded, “His overall contribution to our SAP implementation has been very impressive.”

About Harrigan
Harrigan arrived at Airgas as a senior supply chain consultant before being hired as a Group VP for Airgas Direct Industrial. According to Airgas, Harrigan succeeded in developing Airgas’ HSC into a network of six Regional Distribution Centres, despite working with limited staff and a restricted budget.

From that point onwards, Harrigan continued to excel, spearheading several freight-saving initiatives that resulted in more than $12m of cost savings. Indeed, the extent of his influence was perhaps best summarised by Airgas’ closing remark; “Because of Harrigan’s continued commitment, Airgas has earned the reputation as the industry’s leading supply chain specialists.”