Airgas is launching a new design of its Smart Indicating Regulator (SIR) analytical regulators at the 2006 Pittsburgh Conference (PITTCON) in Orlando, Florida.

The new line features a Smart Indicating Purifier (SIP) connection built into the base of the regulator, reducing the overall size and opportunities for leaks.

Airgas is also incorporating this SIP base as a standard feature on many of its high purity brass analytical regulators in the Airgas speciality gas equipment portfolio to allow customers to add the patented technology to their analytical regulator system.

'The patented Smart Indicating Purifiers we introduced in 2004 is the only method that gives a visual indication of specific contaminants entering the system,' said Frank Kandl, national technical manager for speciality gas equipment. 'It\\$quot;s like an early warning system to help users reduce downtime and save money. It\\$quot;s just one more way we\\$quot;re reducing headaches and hassles for our customers.'

The purifier media makes the system \\$quot;˜smart\\$quot;. Different media identify and chemically lock in the three major contaminants that impact analytical systems - moisture, oxygen and hydrocarbons. If the contaminants enter the gas stream, the purifier media begin to turn colour.

The SIP identifies the quantity of impurity - the more impurity, the faster the colour change. When all of the media has changed color, the purifier is depleted and must be removed. The quick-change base allows the cartridge to be replaced without interrupting the gas flow.

The high purity brass regulator line has been completely redesigned.
The 2006 Pittsburgh Conference is held on 13 - 16 March 2006.