Airgas unveils new cryogenic freezer line for food processing sector
Airgas, Inc. unveiled a new series of Cryogenic Freezers in addition to extra food processing facilities. The Airgas FreezeRight line of cryogenic freezers offers both standard and custom freezers aimed to provide cost-effective freezing and cooling solutions specifically for the food processing niche. By applying liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide the units flash freeze contents.
Greg Caniglia, Applications Manager for Airgas Merchant Gases, commented, “Our customers require safe, efficient, and product-specific solutions as they work to expand and improve upon their product offering and meet consumer demands.”
Caniglia added, “FreezeRight goes well beyond standard cryogenic equipment in that it offers freezing and cooling solutions specific to our customer's needs while using a common modular platform to provide higher efficiencies, easier cleaning and a smaller footprint.$quot;