Airgas, Inc. today has signed a three-year supply agreement with TDIndustries, a key american mechanical construction and facilities operations services provider.

Airgas will provide the Dallas, TX-based company with industrial gases, welding and safety products, as well as leased safety equipment from Oilind Safety, leased welding equipment, welder certification trailers, generators, and compressors from Red-D-Arc Welderentals.

“We’re pleased to partner with Airgas for providing our industrial gases, welding, and safety supply needs,” said Richard Frost, Purchasing Manager of TDIndustries Technology group in Dallas. “As the largest mechanical construction company in the south, we were in need of consistent national support without giving up local service and expertise that’s critical to our day-to-day business. Airgas fills that void with their national account program and over 1,100 locations to help improve our efficiencies and overall cost position.”

“Airgas was serving a few TDIndustries locations in the local Houston and Dallas markets,” said Jason Vetterick, Airgas National Accounts Manager of Construction. “We wanted to prove the benefits Airgas offers and the real value of partnering with us. With this national accounts agreement we’ll be delivering value to all TDIndustries locations,” concluded Vetterick.

According to Stan Gregory, a TDIndustries Purchasing Manager, Airgas was the recipient of TDIndustries Premier Supplier Award for 2010 in the DFW market. “This means Airgas was one of ten vendors in 2010 that we felt provided the best customer service. We look forward to expanding upon and enabling that positive practice throughout our organization on a consistent and national basis,” said Gregory.