Airgas has announced that its popular printed Specialty Gases and Equipment Reference Guide is now available for use online.

The reference guide can be found at, and can be used online or downloaded to a computer.

There are advanced interactive functions for finding the right specialty gases and related specialty gas equipment, based on application requirements.

$quot;Our specialty gases and equipment customers told us they wanted instant, online access to the most up-to-date information about our specialty gases and equipment,$quot; said Jim Muller, Airgas Senior Vice President for Specialty Gases and Life Sciences.

$quot;We've done just that, and included integrated product search tools, maximum and minimum gas flow calculators, conversion calculators, and a specialty gas equipment locator, based on the user's specialty gas type and grade. Users can access all of these features and functions online or simply download the complete, interactive catalog right from the website.$quot;

The online and printed versions of the Airgas Specialty Gases and Equipment Reference Guide include information on pure gases; gas mixtures; special applications gases, such as EPA Protocol gases and medical gases; specialty gas equipment, and laboratory safety products.

The printed guide is updated and reprinted following a two-year schedule, while the online version is updated whenever product specifications change or products are added or deleted.

Users who download the online reference guide will receive automatic updates through the Internet.

The online Airgas Specialty Gases and Equipment Reference Guide can be accessed using both Windows and Macintosh applications.