Airgas has announced that it will supply EPA Protocols and other emission monitoring gases to Ashtead Technology Rentals, the industry leader in instrument rental for environmental monitoring, non-destructive testing, and remote visual inspection.

The relationship will provide Ashtead with the ability to provide gases to customers, in addition to its rental equipment, within one business day anywhere in the United States to meet urgent customer needs. Airgas will supply Ashtead\\$quot;s newest location in Illinois with the gases that can be shipped on demand, the same as all their equipment.

Ashtead currently offers instrument rental solutions for a variety of environmental and non-destructive testing through nine strategic locations in North America. Its rental fleet includes a variety of analyzers, pumps and other instrumentation. With the supply of EPA Protocols and other emission monitoring gases from Airgas, the company will now offer rental of cylinders and speciality gas regulators as part of its offering.

\\$quot;This agreement allows Ashtead to provide our customers with a quality product that has been tested to exacting standards,\\$quot; said Dave Burnett, regional manager, Ashtead Technology Rentals. \\$quot;Aligning ourselves with a company like Airgas underscores our commitment to customer service excellence.\\$quot;

\\$quot;We\\$quot;re extremely pleased to enter this agreement with Ashtead,\\$quot; said Bob Mueller, director of utility and CPI markets for Airgas. \\$quot;Ashtead shares our commitment to providing customers in the energy industries with fast, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.\\$quot;

Mueller added that the agreement offers Airgas customers the opportunity to rent equipment and EPA Protocols quickly from Ashtead in the event of an unforeseen equipment breakdown or short-term requirement.