AIRGAS will be offering a virtual demonstration of its patented AcuGravâ„¢ robotic gas mixing system at this year\\$quot;s Pittsburgh Conference (PITTCON) in Orlando, Florida.

The demonstration will allow viewers to experience the touch-screen interface and easy-to-understand voice commands that Airgas operators use to make specialty gas mixtures at 20 AcuGrav filling stations nationwide.

Developed in-house by Airgas\\$quot; automation team, the AcuGrav system features a completely modular data collection unit with state-of-the-art technology, including a real-time embedded control system to handle I/O and time-critical routines. The programming includes 450 subroutines that automate the Airgas standard operating procedures for making gas mixtures with precision and consistency for every batch at every AcuGrav location.

\\$quot;Once programmed, AcuGrav takes over making the high-tolerance specialty gas mixtures without the variability of the human element,\\$quot; said Rob Shock, director of automation and chief developer of AcuGrav.

\\$quot;To meet our customers\\$quot; increasing need for purity and consistency, Airgas has developed production technology that will deliver optimum consistency, precision and accuracy in producing specialty gas mixtures,\\$quot; continued Tom Thoman, vice president of gases, for Airgas. \\$quot;We are proud to highlight AcuGrav as a major breakthrough in both gas mixing technology and procedure.\\$quot;

Since launching the technology in 2003, Airgas has installed 20 AcuGrav units nationwide in select Airgas specialty gas laboratories. They are part of the largest national specialty gas infrastructure, which includes seven national laboratories and more than 50 regional specialty gas laboratories. More than half of these facilities have been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management systems. Three labs are accredited for the ISO 17025 standard for analytical laboratories.

In addition to the virtual AcuGrav Demonstration, Airgas specialists will conduct live tours of the AcuGrav facilities as part of their ongoing campaign to educate customers on \\$quot;How to Buy Specialty Gas Mixtures.\\$quot;

The virtual demonstration is available to PITTCON attendees either at the Airgas booth #4659 and or by visiting and clicking on \\$quot;˜AcuGrav Demonstration\\$quot;.

The company will feature the demonstration in its Technical Suite Seminars at the Rosen Centre Hotel on March 13 and March 14 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.