Airgas Inc., has announced that it has entered into a three-year agreement with Harsco Corporation’s Harsco GasServ division for Airgas to serve as a national distributor for Taylor-Wharton’s liquid cryogenic Refrigeration, Dewar & Freezer (RDF) products.

Airgas has long distributed Taylor-Wharton equipment but the new three-year agreement represents a joint marketing deal of the Taylor-Wharton RDF line to the life sciences industry.

Vice President of gases for Airgas Tom Thoman, said the agreement will benefit life science customers, \\$quot;Taylor-Wharton's product line, especially its liquid nitrogen freezers for long-term sample storage, is an important element to our full offering to life sciences companies, which includes cryogens and dry ice, industrial and speciality gases, personal safety equipment for the lab and related speciality gas equipment.\\$quot; Mr Thoman continued, \\$quot;The combination of our reliable equipment will help reduce the headaches and hassles of long-term sample storage for our life sciences customers.\\$quot;

Scott Boyd, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Harsco GasServ noted that the liquid nitrogen freezers had several advantages over mechanical freezers for long-term storage, including a more compact unit, less maintenance, and better long-term temperature control. The Taylor-Wharton product line includes dewars for storing and dispensing liquid cryogens, as well as Laboratory Archival Biological Storage (LABS) Series freezers with Auto-Tend Control Systems that maintain liquid nitrogen levels automatically.