Airgas, Inc. has announced the start of a national tour to showcase two Airgas Chopper motorcycles, designed and built by Orange County Choppers (OCC) using Airgas gases and hardgoods.

The Montgomery, NY-based OCC created the Airgas Choppers to help mark the company's nearly quarter-century of growth. One chopper, featuring a gas tank that resembles an Airgas cylinder, reflects the proud history of Airgas with its 'old school' design. The other bike represents the bright future of Airgas, with its sleek, streamlined frame.

'These designs also showcase the complex and beautiful nature of a finished product built using Airgas products,'commented Airgas Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter McCausland. 'We believe these choppers will help us to build business at every branch with our core customers, who we know love and appreciate these awesome works of art.'

McCausland noted that each Airgas Chopper will begin touring branch locations in March, with the Airgas Old School Chopper in the eastern part of the U.S. and the Airgas Future Chopper heading west. This fall, the two bikes will switch places on the tour.

The Airgas Choppers will make appearances at open houses, customer appreciation events, trade shows and special events throughout the country in the coming year as Airgas approaches its 25th anniversary in 2007.