The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has selected Airgas National Welders as its Large Business Innovative Performer of the Year for 2008.

After being nominated by the Defense Energy Support Centre (DESC), Airgas National Welders - one of Airgas’ 12 regional companies - was awarded the distinction for its innovation in developing design solutions for safe, high capacity, and high flow cylinder pallet delivery systems, also known as High Pressure Cylinder Assemblies.

The customised cylinder pallets are capable of transport in a variety of modes, such as aboard aircraft, suspended underneath aircraft, or on trucks.

The company built, filled, and delivered the pallets for DESC use in overseas deployments, and was selected as a recipient of the performance award from a pool of thousands of suppliers.

Steve Marinelli, President of Airgas National Welders said, “This kind of recognition from the DLA is a real honour.”

He added, “We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality service and innovation to all of our customers, and it is particularly rewarding when our efforts support the operations of the United States military.”

Airgas National Welders, which serves customers in the Carolinas and southern Virginia, will accept the award from DLA Director Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson, at the DLA Business Alliance Awards luncheon in Springfield, Virginia tomorrow.

This week, Airgas has also announced that a lawsuit filed in 2005 between itself and Scott-Gross Company Inc., has been settled.