AirSep Corporation, a Chart Industries Company, has released a new nitrogen (N2) generator product line.

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Source: AirSep Corporation

The Buffalo-based company is now offering stationary two-bed standard pressure swing adsorption (PSA) N2 generators, modular membrane-based, and PSA N2 generators in an expandable, cabinet mounted configuration, as well as containerised, shipboard options. Self-contained and turnkey cylinder refilling systems are also available.

AirSep membrane and PSA N2 systems produce N2 from an independent compressed air source. All of AirSep’s standard PSA N2 generator models are equipped with a NEMA 4 HMI, colour touchscreen control panel with an integrated oxygen monitor, offering control and monitoring flexibility. The touchscreen features diagnostic capabilities and Ethernet access for remote monitoring of process parameters. Other highlights include, alarm notifications via email, data logging, and automatic recovery. 

Craig Dillworth, General Manager of AirSep Nitrogen Products, stated, “AirSep’s N2 systems utilise the highest performing, non-cryogenic gas separation media technologies available to the industry.”