Two leading Nordic carbon capture and storage (CCS) companies, Aker Carbon Capture and Carbfix, have partnered up, signing a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on methods of CCS solutions in the global fight against climate change.

With CCS technology becoming ever more advanced and ubiquitous, the agreement also allows potential for the companies to work together on future storage projects.

Looking forward to the partnership, Edda Sif Pind Aradottir, CEO, Carbfix, said, “We are excited to establish a partnership with Aker Carbon Capture, thereby bringing together two market-leading climate solutions that can significantly contribute to the drastic emission reductions that are urgently needed globally.”

The storage method works by natural processes being accelerated by Carbfix technology transforming CO2 injected into underground formations permanently into solid carbonate minerals.

Valdborg Lundergaard, Chief Executive Officer, Aker Carbon Capture, said, “Carbfix’s proven solution for CO2 storage is a perfect match for our HSE-friendly capture technology.”

“Together, we can offer industrial emitters the whole CCS value chain, capturing CO2 and permanently storing it by turning it into stone underground.”

Rock formations that allow permanent CO2 mineral storage are prevalent across the globe and are considered to be the most common rock types on Earth.