Norwegian energy specialist Aker Carbon Capture is to meet the increase in demand for carbon capture technology in Denmark by expanding its presence within the Danish market.

Having already recruited a ‘handful’ of carbon capture experts in Denmark, Aker will aim to help the country mitigate its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions using its proprietary carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution across multiple industrial sectors such as waste incineration, bioenergy, and other process industries.

The country already has several projects underway, including the Greensands initiative – a collaboration between INEOS Energy and two other partners – and another which involves a partnership with Aker and Carbfix.

Valborg Lundegaard, CEO, Aker, explained that Denmark’s green growth agenda has made it key to Aker’s international expansion plans, adding, “Danish industry could become a frontrunner in the CCS development by realising projects with negative emissions and utilising new business models such as Carbon Capture as a Service (CaaS).”

This has been bolstered by the interest from CO2 emitters in Aker’s full value chain CCS service, which oversees capture, transport, and storage.