A trio of energy and construction companies have entered a non-exclusive collaboration that will explore the potential for speeding up carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) deployment.

Aker Carbon Capture (Aker) will work with Altera Infrastructure (Altera) and Höegh LNG (Höegh) to decarbonise industry by offering carbon capture as a service to industrial emitters. 

Currently working together on the ongoing Stella Maris CCS project, Altera and Höegh will take responsibility for gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) gathering, purification, liquification, transportation and permanent underground storage of the gas. 

The Stella Maris CCS project aims to help meet EU carbon neutral-by-2050 ambitions by storing up to 10m tonnes per year of CO2 in dedicated CO2 storage reservoirs located on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Regarded as one of the most experienced liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier operators, Höegh is also an owner and operator of floating LNG import terminals, known as floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs). 

Stating that CCUS partnerships are required to achieve a meaningful contribution to net zero, Ingvild Sæther, Group CEO, Altera, added, “Large scale maritime CCS is seen as a cornerstone in Altera’s future business and a concept we have been working on for more than a decade, more recently with our partner, Höegh LNG.” 

As an infrastructure services company, Altera focuses on managing critical infrastructure assets in offshore oil regions across the globe. 

The non-exclusive nature of the collaboration gives the partners freedom to work with alternative sustainable solutions elsewhere. 

“These collaborations represent key building blocks in our Carbon Capture as a Service; Carbon Capture Made EasyTM offering, enabling source-to-storage decarbonisation at a pay per tonne captured CO2 model,” added Jon Christopher Knudsen, Choef Commercial Officer, Aker Carbon Capture.