Norwegian energy company Aker Solutions (Aker) is joining forces with technology developer Dril-Quip to integrate a subsea injection system for Aker’s carbon capture, utilisation, and storage solutions.

Announced today (22nd February), the two companies have entered a Collaboration Agreement which will see Dril-Quip supplying carbon dioxide (CO2) injection ‘Xmas trees’ and wellheads to Aker as part of a larger subsea injection system. 

The partnership will be directed towards the Northern Endurance Project (NEP), a UK initiative to provide carbon capture and transport solutions to carbon emitting projects such as Net Zero Teesside Power. 

Commenting on the agreement, Jeff Bird, President and CEO, Dril-Quip, said, “This collaboration agreement further reinforces Dril-Quip’s leadership and commitment in energy transition and builds on our legacy of providing technologies that enable our customers to save time and money, reduce risk and lower their carbon footprint.” 

NEP’s East Coast Cluster, which includes Net Zero Teesside was selected in October 2021 as a ‘priority cluster’ in phase-1 of the UK Government’s CCUS cluster sequencing process.