Over the last decades, the tank container has become a fully integrated part of local and global logistics services around the world. While on one side tank containers took a growing market share for the movement of liquids in bulk, we have seen a more focused development towards special tank containers for dedicated applications.

By offering security of availability of tailor made units for their distribution of products, ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing is adding value to its customers’ business. Obvious challenges for the leasing companies were the missing recognitions of the requirement to have a service connected to the equipment which would allow the producers to use the application of bulk liquid transport to its full advantage. During more recent years, a dramatic consolidation of the tank container leasing market has significantly reduced the number of service providers and created some kind of volume competition to achieve the right scale of growth, to the extent that more special applications were either lost to operators who could offer a higher service level or focus on those that were lost.

High customer focus

The scale and service structure of ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing combines the benefit of vision, technology and cooperation across the industry to provide a service structure with high customer focus – enabling its customer base to better utilise equipment, controlling the fleet movement and creating value by the digitsation of the data flow.

ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing

Source: ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing

This creates an answer to outstanding challenges for local production to control global distribution. Automated applications and reporting systems allow customers to focus only on the issues requiring immediate attention and not having to deal with the ever growing volume of data created every day for ongoing business flow.

Since ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing started international operations in 2016, it has paid at lot of attention to finding the right solutions for its customer base to create these value-added services, allowing it to participate at the full extent of the combined service structure it offes. The company will enhance this ‘Strategic Move’ platform further in the future, as it explained to gasworld, “We are going to enhance this platform moving forward, since we strongly believe in this development of customer specific service packages.”

“Our focus will remain on the cryogenic market, however we  will continue to grow also the T50 and standard tanks fleet…”

This is not the only area of the business that the company aims to strengthen going forward, with ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing noting that  its fleet restructuring means it can also add value in its offering. “With our recent fleet restructuring within the JZ Group we can now offer full access to one of the largest T75 tank fleet, steadily expanding our service structure and making tanks available in strategic hub locations.”

“We work in strategic partnerships rather than enforcing structures which are not adding the value to our customers.”

“Our focus will remain on the cryogenic market, however will continue to grow also the T50 and standard tanks fleet.”