CarbonCure Technologies will receive up to $3m from Emission Reduction Alberta (ERA) to further optimise and accelerate the adoption of its carbon dioxide (CO2)-utilisation technology in Alberta, Canada.

The company’s retrofit technology sources CO2 emissions from local industrial emitters and converts the greenhouse gas into nano-sized minerals which is then injected into concrete to make it stronger.

The technology is expected to help Alberta transition to a low-carbon economy.

In addition to demonstrating that an annual reduction of one Megatonne of CO2 is achievable in the near-term, the it is also anticipated to provide manufacturing efficiencies of more than $700m to local concrete producers through 2030.

CarbonCure will be competing with three other recipients of the ERA Grand Challenge for the final $10m grant, which will be awarded in 2019.

In the initiative, CarbonCure will work with multiple concrete plants across the Canadian state to maximise overall greenhouse gas benefits and attract smaller concrete plant customers.

Exclusive interview with CarbonCure Technologies on reimagining CO2

Praxair Canada, Inc. is one of the partners involved in the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses. The company’s National Sales Manager Danny Green underlined, “Praxair supports CarbonCure’s vision of developing economically beneficial uses for CO2 and we are pleased to support the Alberta concrete industry as they transition to lower-carbon technologies.”

CarbonCure’s technology, which is currently installed in more than 40 concrete plants across North America, is part of a growing new sector of technologies that convert CO2 emissions into products which could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15% by the year 2030, according to the Global CO2 Initiative report 2016.