Alexander Kampschulte

  • pa 7.0 gas analyser witt

    Oxygen analysers and protective atmospheres


    In many industrial processes, even the smallest amounts of oxygen can cause major problems Many different kinds of oxygen analysers are available on the market to measure the oxygen content. But how do they work and what are typical applications? Here, WITT’s Alexander Kampschulte gives an overview on different sensors ...

  • Gas mixer

    An introduction to...Gas mixers


    When it comes to the use of mixed gases, gas mixers are a very common and proven solution. Whether it be for welding applications, for modified atmosphere packaging, for burner supply or for medical applications, gas mixers provide a precise, flexible and reliable gas supply.

  • Dome-loaded pressure regulator

    An introduction to...Dome-loaded pressure regulators


    Pressure regulators are used to regulate gas pressure down to a desired level. Applications can be found, for example, in central gas supply from bulk or cryogenic tank, as well as in cylinder supplies. Technically, there are various kinds of designs of pressure regulators - ‘dome loaded’ is just one ...

  • medical-synthetic-air-mixers

    An introduction to...Medical synthetic air mixers


    Medical applications, in particular, require high purity air. medical synthetic air mixing systems offer a solution for reliable production of ‘synthetic air’, a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen with a similar composition to the atmosphere, as this month’s equipment profile explains.

  • witt-mapmax-gas_world

    100% control, 100% safety – In-line leak testing of MAP


    Modified Atmosphere has taken root in the food industry and keeps gaining importance. While traditionally used mainly in the dairy products, meat and bread sectors, the potential of MAP is becoming increasingly recognised in other product sectors such as fish, fruit and vegetables.

  • witt-oxybaby-gas_world

    An introduction to... MAP gas analysers


    Modern modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas analyser technology supports food producers in increasing the safety and cost-effectiveness of their application and to ensure the quality of their products.

  • WITT

    An introduction to... Flashback arrestors


    Special safety devices such as flashback arrestors prevent dangerous backfire and flashback. But how do flashback arrestors work, which different versions are available, and what has to be considered for the installation?