The binding phase of the market test for reservation of capacity at the floating LNG terminal in Alexandroupolis has been completed successfully.

The response of the market to the Alexandroupolis LNG Market Test was very satisfactory and far surpassed the one experienced in similar cases of new gas projects recently, Greek utility company Gastrade, the company behind the project, said.

LNG delivered at the terminal will be regasified and transmitted to the markets of Greece and south east Europe via the Greek National Natural Gas Transmission System.

”This very satisfactory result of the binding phase of the market test for the Alexandroupolis project and the participation of key gas market players in Greece and south east Europe constitute a critical step towards the materialisation of the project, and eventually the enhancement of the energy diversification and security of supply in Greece, the Balkans and the wider south east European area,” stated Konstantinos Spyropoulos, Managing Director of Gastrade.


Source: Gastrade