Air Liquide’s venture capital investment branch ALIAD has invested in China for the first time, expanding its footprint in Asia.

Alongside Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, Hubei Provincial High Technology Industry Investment Group, CMA CGM Group and Wuhan Jingkai Industry Investment Fund Management, ALIAD has invested in the Cathay Smart Energy Fund, a venture capital fund dedicated to the energy transition in China.

Cathay Smart Energy Fund has a specific focus on energy platforms, energy storage, smart grids, hydrogen energy, clean transportation, renewable energy and low-carbon solutions.

China is implementing environmentally friendly policies which aim to foster the emergence of innovative enterprises and promote a renewal of its energy industry, addressing the global challenge of the energy transition.

In this context, the Cathay Smart Energy Fund has identified numerous innovative companies that are reshaping the energy sector in order to design an efficient and low-carbon industrial landscape.

The Fund has already carried out its first investment in ALLSENSE Technology, an innovative IoT solutions provider currently specialised in the digitisation and optimisation of China’s thermal power industry.

These promising technologies, combined with the know-how and experience of the Air Liquide group, will allow innovative carbon neutral solutions to emerge, in line with Air Liquide Climate Objectives.

Through this first fund investment in China, ALIAD supports Air Liquide’s innovation strategy in one of the most active and fast-transforming innovation ecosystems in the energy sector.