Alicat Scientific’s range of BASIS mass flow controllers have been selected by analytical instrumentation manufacturer Valco Instruments Company Inc. (VICI) to control gas flow rates in its Dynacal® permeation devices.

The BASIS devices have the smallest footprints in Alicat’s portfolio, controlling gas flow rates used for mixing, diluting or supplying into processes, such as gas analysers and custom blending manifolds.

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As a result, these original equipment manufacturer (OEM) instruments were selected by VICI as they provide the necessary control to create gas mixes down to fractions of a nanogram per minute.

Under the deal, VICI incorporated multiple BASIS mass flow controllers into its Dynacal permeation devices, an integral component of its Metronics Dynacalibrators®, which are used to calibrate air pollution analysers. The Dynacal generates the gas concentrations necessary for accurate calibration.

BASIS handles the mass flow rates needed by the Dynacal to produce precisely measured mixes of trace quantities of gases with high precision, including two very low flow rates, as it has a high turndown ratio of 200:1 and a rapid response time of 100 milliseconds.

Financial details were not disclosed.