Alicat Scientific has engineered a new mass flow controller with its highest top flow rate yet: the MCRH 5000 slpm.

The MCRH can accommodate flow rates of up to 5,000 standard litres per minute (slpm) and manages more chaotic upstream fluctuations, such as the control of industrial combustion gases or mass flow into food and packaging processes.

The highly stable controller also features a new flow geometry, which can accommodate higher flow rates with a low pressure drop of 14.1 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). The US-based business has also incorporated a dual valve design, enabling a speedy 100 millisecond control response time.

The instrument’s Gas Select firmware includes a library of up to 130 preloaded gases, all of which are user selectable in the field.


As part of the international Halma group, Alicat manufactures the world’s fastest mass flow metres, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers, as well as digital pressure gauges for gases and liquids. Having been in operation in the US since 1991, more than 100,000 Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments are currently in operation around the world.