Altenesol and AMCS have finalised a deal to build a LNG plant, in the region of El Viajano in the Colombian area of Cordoba.

The AMCS team is working closely on all aspects of the project drawing from their experience in the Global market.

“We’ve had a very positive experience working with Altenesol in this project. We believe that the combination of our technology, international project experience and Altenesol’s pioneering vision for the LNG market in this region provides a compelling and powerful solution for the region’s increasing demand for clean energy,” said Ishmael Chalabi, CEO of AMCS Corporation.

The incorporation of predicated design changes necessary to accommodate the increase from 180 thousand gallons a day (180,000GPD) to 360,000GPD delayed the initial AMCS agreement from being executed.

Management’s decision to make the expansion now will save the project millions of dollars in the preliminary, as well as final, stages of the buildout.

The final 360,000GPD LNG plant will culminate in three stages:

Stages I & II encompasses all necessary equipment for LNG production of 180,000GPD and other major required critical components to transition to the 360,000GPD.

Stage III will finalise all facets to fully integrate the 360,000GPD expansion.

In short summary the basic technical changes include: a) one single Cold-Box with two Heat-Exchangers cores of 180,000GPD capacity each for a 360,000GPD LNG production rather that two separate Cold-Boxes as originally planned; b) a second set of Turbo-Expanders as part of the Cold-Box integrated to commence when the second train enters full operation; c) a two million gallon field erected tank to store the LNG produced for five days on site reserve at a rate of 360,000GPD production; d) a Mercury removal reactor based on the NG chromatography; e) an additional LNG pump to supply a four cryogenic trailers loading station; and f) two 800kw NG engines generators.

“We are pleased to share Altenesol’s vision for small scale LNG production and delivery with the gas from Canacol as this is the cleanest burning fossil fuel supplementing the energy needs for developing countries,” said Charle Gamba, CEO Canacol Energy.

Simply put, AMCS will provide an extremely cost effective and highly customized plant solution for Nataly 1. Many significant items inter-related to the completion of the EPC contract can now move forward. The permitting process nears completion as the site preparation readies for ground breaking once final selections have been made regarding equity and debt terms which are in the process. Plans to increase our visibility and our investment tiers will follow as we move from the paper stage to the construction phase of the project.

“This journey has not been easy and many obstacles had to be overcome to make this project a success for our company, the investors and the shareholders. We thank you all for the continued support as we move to the final stages of this project and the eventual production of significant revenue,” said Nelson De La Nuez, CEO IAHL Corp.