It may have been the first state in Arabia to produce crude oil 75 years ago, but the island of Bahrain urgently needs to address its energy future and acquire additional energy resources to sustain its industrial expansion.

Experts place current domestic reserves now at little more than 125 million barrels and 92 billion cubic metres of gas.

Daily production peaked at around 77,000 barrels in 1970, but much expectation at present is that the domestic production decline can be reversed with the help of foreign investment.

Investor interest in the region is due to push bids to revamp Bahrain’s production operations, with such bids evaluated and presided over by the National Oil and Gas Authority.

A wider energy quest is underway through cooperation with neighbouring Qatar and Iran, especially with regard to gas supplies.

The Kingdom is also hoping to establish something of an international presence, creating an investment portfolio in overseas gas markets and establishing new enterprises for projects both within Bahrain and abroad.