Amada Miyachi America, Inc., Monrovia, California, a leading manufacturer of welding, marking, cutting, sealing, and bonding technology, has expanded and enhanced its Detroit technical centre.

The updated facility now features 5,500 square feet of laboratory space devoted to application development services for welding, marking, ablation, scribing and texturing of metals and plastics. Also on site is an expanded metallurgical lab for examining laser or resistance welds to analyse weld penetration and joint quality.

Amada Miyachi America application experts are on hand to work with customers to develop next generation joining or marking processes, especially for medical, aerospace, automotive, and electric vehicle battery production and joining of cells. The expanded lab facility offers expertise and access to equipment so customers do not have to tie up their existing production facilities.

The new application technical centre is headed by senior applications engineer Wes Buckley, who has 38 years of process experience in lasers and has worked at the existing laboratory for more than a decade. He is joined by three experienced technical experts, all who have worked closely with major automotive, medical and aerospace companies seeking to use Amada Miyachi America expertise to enhance their product development capabilities. Recent projects include systems with galvo delivery for joining automotive battery cells for the electric vehicle market.

New appointment 

At the end of October the company also appointed Jose Cea as Western Regional Sales Engineer. Collaborating closely with the Amada Miyachi America team, including the Western Regional Sales Manager, application engineers, systems engineers and customer service representatives, Cea will work directly with customers to assist in providing solutions to manufacturing challenges. 

Cea graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2006 and began working in Amada Miyachi’s applications lab supporting customers’ process development using laser and resistance welding, laser cutting and laser marking. He also assisted with the installation, training and troubleshooting of systems at customer sites.

“We are so pleased to welcome Jose to the Amada Miyachi America sales team. His experience will equip him to work closely with our customers to ensure that every piece of Amada Miyachi equipment selected will optimise their processes,” said Kurt Tolliver, Vice-President of Sales at Amada Miyachi America.

welding steel structure

The latest resistance welding and laser processing technology

On the 31st October Amada Miyachi America highlighted its Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system at MD&M Minneapolis.

Visitors to the booth saw the recently updated Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system, which offers best in class cut quality. Using cold ablation cutting, the Sigma produces unrivalled edge quality that significantly reduces post processing costs. The Sigma is ideal for medical device applications, including a wide range of diameter tubes and stents.

Also on display was the industry-leading UB29A linear DC micro welder, offering precision control for micro-miniature resistance welding. The UB29A is a perfect choice for welding wire assemblies, sensors, connectors, squibs, catheters, orthodontic appliances, pacemakers, implantable hearing devices, and battery packs.

The Series 320 electronic high precision low force resistance spot welding head to be shown is ideal for safety critical applications in medical markets. The expanded force range, which increases the maximum weld force to 7.0 lb. (3175 gm) with a maximum follow up force of 7.75 lb. (3520 gm) makes the Series 320 a good choice for fine wire welding like squib wires as well as hearing aid components, electronic components, and implantable medical devices.

Also on display was the all-new MM-400A desktop resistance weld checker, ideal for monitoring and managing key welding variables in both process development and production environments. Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface and colour touch panel display, the MM-400A helps operators easily monitor and manage variables that result in changes in weld heat, including current, voltage, time, force and displacement. The compact unit supports AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor and capacitive discharge resistance welding technologies. Key features include a seam welding mode, Ethernet or RS232/485 communication and multi-language screens.