Engineering and process plant supplier AMCS Corporation is underway with construction of a new air separation plant (ASU) in Poland, after winning a contract from Anwil SA.

ANWIL SA is one of the biggest enterprises in the Kujawy-Pomerania region and a leading chemical company in Poland. The company commissioned AMCS to provide a 210 tons per day (tpd) ASU for its facility in Wloclawek, Poland.

AMCS has turn-key responsibility for the ASU facility, which is scheduled to go into operation in October 2010 and will be an ULTRA–A 200 plant. The ULTRA-A series of plants are of a highly efficient standard, multi-product type, using AMCS’ latest process cycle design - resulting in a low life cycle cost for the plant products.

The plant will produce gaseous oxygen and nitrogen, along with liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon for Anwil.

The oxygen and nitrogen gases are to be used within the chemical complex, while the liquid product will be used to replenish storage and the liquid argon for sale into the merchant market.

Ishmael Chalabi, President of AMCS, explained, “We are glad that Anwil gave us the opportunity to lower its cost of supplying industrial gases to its production facility. For an ASU supplying a large chemical complex the plant product quality, plant reliability, and efficient timely project execution need to be inherent in an ASU supplier’s performance.”

“AMCS adds value through a more optimised solution of process design and execution plan, gained by closely listening to our client’s needs and acting with better ideas.”

When the new plant goes into service, it will coincide with the start up of a new ANWIL PTA unit and the retirement of its older, smaller ASU. The new ASU capacity is greater than 20,000 Nm3/hr of combined gaseous oxygen and nitrogen.

AMCS Corporation, located in the US’ New Jersey, plans, designs, procures, and erects process plants and equipment. In addition to the industrial gas market, AMCS supplies plants to the energy, chemicals, environmental, electronics and semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, glass, pulp and paper, and metals markets.

Along with ASUs producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon, helium, krypton, and xenon, AMCS supplies plants for high-purity electronic gases production, liquefied natural gas production, and gas processing applications.