AMCS Corporation, a New Jersey-based international supplier of industrial gas process plants, has entered into an agreement to supply the Italian SOL Group with a cryogenic nitrogen plant.

The plant will be capable of producing up to 1300 Nm3/Hour of pure gaseous nitrogen (GAN) and 30 Nm3/Hour of liquid nitrogen (LIN).

The new ULTRA–N–50TM nitrogen plant is part of the ULTRA-NTM series of plants, which are highly efficient nitrogen plants using AMCS’ latest process cycle design – offering attractively low life-cycle cost. AMCS supplies the ULTRA–NTM plants over a broad product range of 150 to 7,500 Nm3/hr of GAN and custom designed ASUs above 7,500 Nm3/hr.

Announcing the deal, AMCS President Ishmael Chalabi said, “We are delighted to be working with SOL, one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative industrial gases producers. We consider Europe an important market.”

“AMCS is in a strong position to serve our European clients who are technically sophisticated and demand high reliability, performance, and service.”

AMCS Corporation supplies plants to the energy, chemicals, environmental, electronics and semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, glass, pulp and paper, and metals markets. Along with ASUs producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon, helium, krypton, and xenon, the company supplies plants for high-purity electronic gases production, liquefied natural gas production, gas processing application and shipboard process plants.

Founded in 1927, SOL S.p.A. is headquartered in Monza, Italy, and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. The company has around 2,000 employees and offices in 17 European countries, specialising in the production of industrial and medical gases and related applications.