AMCS Corporation (AMCS) has entered into a contract to supply Grupa LOTOS, S.A. (GLSA), with a cryogenic process plant for the recovery of hydrogen, LPG and heavy condensate at GLSA’s refinery in Poland.

AMCS will supply an INNOVA-H2/LPG plant for the recovery of these products from the fuel gas streams of the refinery in Gdansk.

The deal is the latest project in Poland for AMCS, with the company describing the country as ‘key to our continued success in Europe’. The New Jersey-based plant provider previously supplied a 210 tonnes per day ASU for chemical company ANWIL SA in Wloclawek, Poland in 2010.

Ishmael Chalabi, CEO of AMCS Corporation, said in a statement, “Poland is key to our continued success in Europe; we are positively impressed by the level of professionalism and skill we encounter in dealing with Polish companies and workforce.”

“Poland, with its strategic location, educated population, skilled workforce, and established industrial base is well on its way to prominence in Europe and to a remarkable economic future. We are fortunate to be in a position to contribute to this success story.”

He continued, “We are delighted to have been chosen by GLSA, one of Europe’s leading refiners and energy companies, for the supply of the INNOVA plant technology. LOTOS’ selection of this application is in line with their demonstrated vision towards achieving both energy efficiency and responsible environmental stewardship, AMCS is happy to participate in this effort.”

Maximum recovery

GLSA is a leading integrated Polish oil company with activities relating to crude oil production, refining and marketing of oil products.

The new plant from AMCS will upgrade refinery streams currently sent to the fuel gas system into more valuable product streams, improving profitability, reducing the need for importation of crude oil, reducing the impact of the refinery on the environment, and providing the required transportation liquid fuels to the Polish market.

AMCS’ INNOVA-H2/LPG technology is tailored for maximum recovery of all desired products; resulting in a unique process which is simple in design, easy to operate, and has few moving parts. The end result will be a unit which affords GLSA additional profits while providing trouble-free operation for many years.

AMCS’ scope of work is for the complete lump sum turnkey (LSTK) supply of the INNOVA-H2/LPG, minimising the complexity of the project for the refinery and allowing GLSA to contract with one entity to perform all the required work.