AMETEK Process Instruments has introduced its latest analyser, the WDG-V UOP/RP, for oxygen measurement in continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) platforming/catalytic reforming processes.

As an extension to the company’s line of Thermox WDG-V series flue gas analysers, the WDG-V UOP/RP uses industry-proven zirconium oxide technology, incorporating the latest WDG-V electronics and an improved enclosure for servicing.

By leveraging the WDG-V electronics platform, the analyser offers advance diagnostics, predictive maintenance algorithms, proactive alarms and digital communications. The upgraded electronics on the device provide an additional layer of safety for reliable operation.


Source: Ametek Process Instruments

The WDG-V UOP/RP is designed with an enhanced enclosure for improved ingress protection and easier servicing. The design also features floating hinges on the doors, providing users with increased accessibility for services and increased sealing for ingress protection.

Building on the field-proven design of its predecessor, the analyser features updated electronics and enhanced ingress protection for robustness, reliability and serviceability in challenging CCR platforming/reforming processes.