Permeation analyser manufacturer AMETEK MOCON has launched a new high-throughput water vapor permeation analyser, the AQUATRAN 3/38.

Designed for labs that routinely perform a high volume of barrier film quality control testing, the analyser takes advantage of many featured offered by MOCON permeation analysers while featuring a four-cell testing capability that can measure the water vapour transmission rate of four barrier samples.

The analyser uses a novel dual film sample cartridge to double the testing capacity over traditional two-cell instruments. The dual film sample cartridge is both reusable and removable from the analyser, which allows film samples to be prepared and loaded into the cartridge on a lab bench.

With multiple cartridges, samples can be prepared while films are being analysers, resulting in less instrument idle time and more testing. Combined with QC Test Mode and a test method library to store parameter of frequently used tests, the simple operation of the product makes is suitable for a high-volume packaging film QC lab.

“The AQUATRAN 3/38 with dual film cartridges is the water vapor permeation analyser QC professionals have been requesting for years – and is finally here,” said Jeff Jackson, Global Product Manager at AMETEK MOCON.

“The new analyser is part of our high-throughput series of permeation analysers designed for QC labs and allows labs to run permeability tests of more film samples at lower maintenance costs than have been available with traditional instruments.