Headspace analyser manufacturer AMETEK MOCON has today introduced a new portable headspace gas analyser, providing a quality control solution for specific food applications.

The Dansensor CheckPoint 3 EC more accurately measures oxygen or oxygen/CO2 in Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAPs) for packaged products, including red and smoked meats, smoked fish, bread treated with alcohol, fresh pasta, fermented foods, coffee, and applications with high levels of oxygen or combustible gasses.

“Our new Dansensor CheckPoint 3 EC is an innovative instrument, specifically designed for high oxygen, smoked produce, and combustible gas applications,” said said Steen Andreasen, Product Manager for AMETEK MOCON.

“And it comes with the already proven benefits of the Dansensor CheckPoint 3: fast, reliable testing; an intuitive, easy-to-use interface; simple data transfer via WiFi ; easy data collection, integration, and analysis with dedicated software and an attractive, ergonomic form.”

dansensor checkpoint_630x440_web


“By adding the EC version to the CheckPoint 3 portfolio, we cover all food applications. It’s ideal for productions looking for portability, accuracy, and a low cost of ownership.”

“We’ve delivered more than 4,000 Dansensor CheckPoint 3 units worldwide since the introduction in 2017.”

“The new gas analyser offers a valuable upgrade for quality control managers looking for more precise measurements, faster readings, and stable results.”

“The portable unit is so small the user can hold it in their hands and carry it from one production line to another to randomly test products for quality control.”