AMETEK MOCON has today (6th May) launched a new analytical instrument to measure the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of whole packages at ambient environmental conditions.

Dubbed OX-TRAN 2/48, the innovation targets package permeation testing in the food, beverage, and healthcare packaging application space, where knowing the precise rate of oxygen transmitting through a package at room temperature and room humidity conditions is critical.



Unveiling details of the product, AMETEK MOCON said the product offers high-capacity testing with eight cells - four of which are for testing OTR and four for conditioning packages.

Applications for the OX-TRAN 2/48 include permeation testing of formed trays, bottles, flexible pouches, corks, caps, and more.

“The new OX-TRAN 2/48 makes ambient OTR testing of whole packages easier and more reliable than traditional methods. Samples can be effortlessly changed with a disposable foil mounting or with application-specific cartridges that require no epoxy at all,” said Jeff Jackson, Senior Product Manager at AMETEK MOCON.

“With its eight-cell parallel operation, automated controls from our next generation software, and simple touchscreen display, this instrument can increase your testing efficiency while providing accurate OTR package testing in ambient conditions.”