Since Amgraph Packaging was founded in 1984, one of the corporate missions for the Baltic, Connecticut company has been, “It’s everyone’s responsibility to preserve the planet.”

Following this guiding principle, Amgraph President and CEO Kenneth A. Fontaine and his team recently conducted a comparative evaluation of fuel cell company technologies and selected two PureCell® Model 400 power plants from Doosan Fuel Cell (Doosan).

Doosan’s 400 kW power plants will provide Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to the privately-owned company that produces flexible packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, health and beauty industries. As part of Amgraph’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the company will transition to clean hydrogen-based fuel cells that run on natural gas, and Doosan will manufacture, install and service the power plants.

“Amgraph has been dedicated to environmentally-friendly manufacturing operations and sustainable practices for over 30 years,” says Fontaine, whose father Kenneth L. Fontaine founded the company. “We had conversations with a variety of fuel cell manufacturers and selected Doosan’s PureCell technology because it most closely aligns with our environmental goals. It’s quiet, clean, reliable and produces the ideal combination of power and heat.”

Due to the fuel cell’s high electrical and thermal efficiency and virtual lack of pollutants, this project was awarded a grant under the Connecticut Low and Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit (LREC) program, which distributes renewable energy credit payments for each megawatt hour of power produced. LREC is one of the many programs created by the state of Connecticut, with the objective to drive deployment of clean distributed generation through low-emissions technologies such as fuel cells.

“We look forward to a long-term business relationship with Amgraph as they realize significant power cost savings, dramatically reduced pollutant and carbon emissions, and improved energy security and reliability with our power plants,” said Eric Strayer, vice president, sales and business development, Doosan Fuel Cell.

The commercial start-up date of the Doosan power plant will be by the end of 2015.

About Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc.

Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. (Doosan) is a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, a South Korea-based industrial company founded in 1896 that has current operations in 38 countries and has been a Fortune Global 2000 company since 2007. Doosan, headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, designs, engineers and manufactures fuel cells for commercial and industrial applications. Formed in July 2014 following Doosan Corporation’s acquisition of ClearEdge Power (formerly UTC Power), Doosan is the U.S. arm of the Doosan Fuel Cell Business Group and focuses on 400kW phosphoric acid fuel cells capable of supplying combined heat and power to building and utility systems. With its growing team, and focus on innovation and technology leadership, Doosan’s stated vision is to be the global leader in the fuel cell industry.