kkgas review interview, Richard Chang, president and CEO of Chinese company, Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC).

Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) is a Chinese company based in Shanghai specializing in the manufacture of semiconductors. Richard Chang, president and CEO of the company came to Japan for the fourth regular explanation of the technology roadmap explanation of the company for the benefit of the users. On November 21 he held a press conference under the auspices of Semiconductor Portal.

The company was established in April, 2000. The company began mass production of semiconductors in August of the year, using micro fabrication technology beyond the 0.18 micron level for the first time in China. Sales for the third quarter of 2005 were up by 10.9% over the same period of the previous year, reaching ¥310 million, the highest ever. As of the end of September, the production capacity of the fab was 143,000 units, calculated in terms of the 8 inch type, which breaks down into 122,000 of the 8 inch type and 31,500 of the 12 inch type. They were planning to commence pilot production of the 90nm type at the end of the last year. They were also planning to sell samples of the 65 nm type by the end of this year. They have 8 inch fabs in Shanghai and Tianjin and a fab capable of handling the 12 inch type in Beijing. They have a plant for the post processes and testing in Chengdu, with the plant to be completed at the end of last year. They are also scheduling a 300 mm fab in Shanghai for 2007. Most of the products are supplied to Elpida Memory.

Concerning electronics gas, 'When it comes to bulk gases such as high purity nitrogen and oxygen, we can procure these in China itself. As for speciality gases, we use Japanese products, which are of the highest quality. Ranking in terms of the level of quality is Japan, the U.S., and Europe, with that of Japan being the best, I feel,' said Mr. Chang. As for the future, he went on to mention, 'The existing gas will do for up to the 8 inch type. For 2006, R&D is being undertaken for the 90 nm and 65 nm types and the volume of speciality gas purchased will increase.'