Offering a range of industry-standard options and three unique, ground-breaking functions, the forthcoming SERVOTOUGH-Oxy oxygen gas analyser from Servomex is set to provide increased flexibility and stability.

Building on the success of the 1900 series by providing the same measurement advantages and a series of new and enhanced operation functions, the Oxy will afford flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit.

As well as fault and calibration histories, all units offer NAMUR-compliant relay functions, allowing two concentration alarm levels and ‘maintenance required’, ‘service in progress’ and instrument fault messages to be communicated remotely.

An innovative, fully heated sample compartment removes the requirement for a sampling conditioning system on all samples with a dew point of up to 50°C. The heated sample compartment design reduces the risk of downtime by the removal of coolers, dryers and other conditioning devices.

Another major innovation of the Oxy device is the creation of an integrated pressure compensation system, that not only compensates for barometric pressure but also for back pressure variations from flare stacks - enabling emission compliance targets to be easily met.

A wide range of applications are likely to welcome the introduction of the UK-based company’s new product, as it finds usage in process control, safety critical oxidation (such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide), flare stack analysis, product purity, feedstock clean-up and inerting or blanketing.