UK-based gas sensor specialist Analox Sensor Technology has released the latest addition to its popular Ax60+ multi-gas monitor.

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Source: Analox Sensor Technology

The new functionality, called the Data Output Module, allows customers to connect readings from their Ax60+ gas detection monitor to a Building Management System (BMS), Building Automation System (BAS), or similar central control panel.

The Data Output Module uses 4-20mA signal or MODBUS digital communication to transmit readings from the Ax60+ central unit, including data on gas levels and alarm conditions.

Analox’s Ax60+ system is a wall-mountable, multi-gas monitor for detecting carbon dioxide, oxygen enrichment and oxygen depletion for alerting users of an inert gas leak. The system can connect up to four sensors, of any combination and up to eight alarms.

The Ax60+ alarm set points are fully customisable by the user to satisfy any safety standard or regulation, with the introduction of the Data Output Module, Analox can offer a fully flexible and comprehensive solution to gas monitoring.

“The Data Output Module would be needed in an environment using multiple sensors across various rooms and locations,” the company explained. “The unit uses either communication method to transmit data readings to a central information point making it easier for the user to review readings from all building monitoring devices.”

“For example, a facility which houses several laboratories, would have the need to monitor many different applications, including the gas quantities of each room. The Data Output module allows the user to connect the Ax60+ readings to a computer-based control system that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, including fire and security systems, ventilation, lighting and power.”

Data Output Module Benefits include: remote transmission - information in a single location or more locations; multi sensor applications possible; can be integrated into a datalogging and recording facility for safety reviews and post incident investigation; ability to drive other devices including variable speed fans.

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Source: Analox Sensor Technology