Analox is launching its own personal carbon dioxide (CO2) alarm, combining highly efficient, low power sensing technology with the company’s established engineering and manufacturing expertise.

The new ‘CO2BUDDY’ is an extremely lightweight personal CO2 alarm intended for use by beverage delivery drivers, laboratory personnel, health and safety inspectors – or anyone who will be entering a small or confined space where CO2 is being used or stored.

The personal safety device, which fits into the palm of your hand, weighs less than 70g, making it easy to wear on a belt, pocket or lanyard. The CO2BUDDY can be set to alarm at several different pre-configured alarm set points, ensuring those wearing the unit are compliant with regulatory guidelines and legislations currently in place in their specific country.

Pre-configured alarm set point options make it even easier for the user, ranging between 0-5% CO2; all preset configurations include 0.5% TWA (Time Weighted Average), the preferred alarm level for compliance to standards including OSHA and EH40.

Emma Harbottle, Managing Director of Analox Ltd, commented, “The CO2BUDDY is a great addition to our fixed CO2 detection range, ensuring that those working across multiple sites and locations where CO2 is being used are fully protected from any potential leaks.”


Source: Analox

Emphasising the importance of the device, Harbottle continued, “We like to think that all facilities that use and store CO2 have fixed safety monitors, but this isn’t always the case. Wearing a CO2BUDDY provides protection at all times, reducing the risk of uncertainty of whether there is a fixed system installed or not.”

“Our engineers have designed and manufactured an extremely lightweight and small personal alarm with several different options of pre-configured alarm set points, as we understand that legislation and local regulations are different from country to country, but also by region, state and municipality.

“We also know that engineers, or those working between sites, already have a great deal to carry and transport, [and] the CO2BUDDY was designed with these people in mind. Light enough to fit onto a shirt pocket without drag, the CO2BUDDY comes with a bamboo material lanyard or can easily be clipped onto a belt.”

Analox’s fixed monitoring systems are already installed worldwide in some of the most well-known venues in the world. Its fixed CO2 monitor, the Ax60+, is installed in the largest sporting venue in the UK and is routinely fitted across the most renowned fast food franchises in the world and has global agreements with most of the top 10 industrial gas providers.