Lab Logistics Group (LLG) has reached an agreement with Analox Sensor Technology (AST) to stock, promote and sell its market-leading lab gas safety solutions.

LLG is a unique cooperative group based in Meckenheim, Germany, owned by over 30 independent laboratory equipment distributors across Europe, Asia and Australia, including TH Geyer, Wenk Labtec and KEFO.

Its wide-ranging product offering varies from safety spectacles through to carbon dioxide incubators used in cell culture. This product range now includes Analox’s lab gas safety solutions, and dedicated regional representatives from Analox will support each of the LLG partners in training and support related to laboratory gas products.

“LLG are the perfect match for us,” said Director of Sales & Marketing, Simon Lunt. “We share the same value set in that we want to offer quality products and services to our customers.”

“LLG offer unrivalled logistics support and their comprehensive network of partners means that our fixed, low maintenance oxygen and carbon dioxide monitors will be available across the world, ensuring that thousands more laboratories will be able to operate more safely.”