Analox Sensor Technology, a UK-based gas sensor specialist, has launched a new version of its Ax60+ analyser which is specifically designed to monitor oxygen (O2).

Analox’s new model, based on its original Ax60 carbon dioxide (CO2) detector, now offers the additional functionality of a modular O2 sensor which provides an early warning of both O2 depletion and O2 enrichment.

The wall-mountable multi-gas Ax60+ monitors a variety of gases in separate areas and relays the information to one central unit. Its O2 sensor is set by default to trigger low-going alarms at both 19.5% and 18% and a high-going alarm at 23%.

It is also customisable to specific customer requirements, allowing a multiple placement of up to eight alarms and four sensor units.

Ax60+ cover graphic flashing 2 sensors[1]

Source: Analox Sensing Technology

As Mark Wilson, Director of Strategic Sales, emphasised, “We understand that consumers are constantly looking for flexibility within their products. Analox’s Ax60+ provides users with a fully customisable gas detection system which can monitor up to four sensors of any combination of CO2 or O2 and has the added capability to adjust alarm set-points to whatever level the user requires.”

“Analox has found this to be a challenge especially in the US where regulation interpretations from fire departments differ significantly by state,” he continued. “The Ax60+ alarm set points can be fully customised by the user ensuring they adhere to their specific guidelines and can be easily reset if changes are implemented further down the line.”

Looking ahead, Wilson said that Analox will continue to enhance its product, stating, “We aim to offer more types of gas sensor which will connect to the adaptable central unit platform, allowing more flexibility from the purchase of a single unit.”

The company first developed its original Ax60 gas detection monitor, which is approved by the McDonald’s Restaurant Solutions Group, with the aim of creating a fully customisable, multi-gas monitor to suit customers changing needs.