Analox Sensor Technology alongside Gas Safe Consultants Ltd are offering On-site Advisory Surveys, Risk Assessments and Online Training Workshops.

The new support package is designed to assist clients with a range of gas detection needs, but is particularly focused upon employees handling potentially dangerous gases.

Mark Lewis, Managing Director of Analox Sensor Technology, stressed the importance of safe handling and practices. He commented, $quot;One of the most important aspects of working with hazardous materials is that staff are fully aware of the risks and can ensure they do not put themselves or other colleagues in danger.$quot;

Lewis added, $quot;Analox is always keen to respond to industry and clients' needs and has developed this new range of services with Gas Safe Consultants to provide support and training which responds directly to the requirements we have identified.$quot;

The Online Training Workshops are interactive and flexible e-learning resources which promise to provide quality training at an affordable price. Currently the range includes, 'Using Compressed Cylinder Gases Safely (non oxy-fuel) and Using Nitrogen Safely.'