Tiger Optics LLC, a leading spectroscopy company bringing the world’s commercial gas analysers to the market, has unveiled its new HALO+ mini-Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) analyser.

The HALO+ is a compact CRDS system capable of measuring at parts-per-trillion (PPT) levels and can analyse moisture in gases down to ultra-low levels with unmatched accuracy, speed, reliability and low cost.

Lisa Bergson, CEO of Tiger Optics, noted, “The speed of response, accuracy and power of Cavity Ring-Down technology are no longer the province of the elite few. With the HALO and the HALO+, now many more companies can access the great performance, low cost-of-ownership, and freedom from calibration high-end users have enjoyed for over half a decade.”

The HALO+ addresses the as yet unmet need for fast, accurate, calibration-free measurement of moisture in the PPT to parts-per-million (PPM) range.

Headquartered in Warrington, Pennsylvania, Tiger Optics is represented in the US and internationally and provides services for over 80 companies worldwide in a number of industries, including semiconductor, industrial and specialty gas.