The Anchor Glass Company has licensed the BOC Convective Glass Melting (CGM) technology for glass processing in Anchor’s Warner Robin manufacturing plant.

The CGM, which was installed in Anchor’s existing oxy-fuel furnace in Georgia as a trial, performed successfully. The CGM oxygen combustion technology works by directing the oxy-fuel flames downwards onto the batch material at the charging end of the furnace, resulting in an improved heat transfer rate.

Commenting on Anchor’s decision to license the CGM burner system, Steve Hope, VP of the Global Glass Market Sector for BOC said, “The CGM system can routinely deliver capacity increases of up to 15 percent, and some customers have reported increases of greater than 50 percent. CGM technology from BOC also has been shown to extend the campaign life of a conventional air-fuel furnaces, providing significant benefits to glass producers”.

The CGM can be integrated into new furnace construction, allowing a reduction in the size of the furnace and eliminating the need for regenerators, recuperators and electric boosting systems.

Commenting on the technology, Gordon Stewart, VP of Anchor Glass engineering said, “ BOC’s CGM technology overcame a major melting deficiency and allowed us to produce glass that meets and in most cases exceeds our customers’ quality criteria”.

BOC report that CGM technology is gaining acceptance in other segments of the glass industry, including float glass, speciality and fibreglass. CGM systems are installed in 25 locations worldwide.