Airgas has presented its 7th annual Scott Melman Award to Dan Moriarty, director of external reporting for the company, for his many contributions through the years.

The annual award is honoured in memory of Scott M. Melman, the former chief financial officer of Airgas Inc, who died in 2001, honouring Airgas employees who exhibit $quot;the qualities we remember in Scott M. Melman: Professionalism, perseverance, enthusiasm, energy, a sense of honour and the courage to speak up and make a difference$quot;.

Bob McLaughlin, senior vice president and chief financial officer, commented, $quot;Dan is a high-impact player - though often behind the scenes - who is extremely competent, dedicated, resourceful and never quits till the task at hand is accomplished.$quot;

Moriarty first joined Airgas ten years ago in 1997, in the Internal Audit Department, and was named director of external reporting a year later.