Linde LLC has signed a contract with WestAir Gases and Equipment, further expanding the industrial gas corporations’ network of independent distributors.

The contract will see the German giant supply the independent distributor with oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar), helium (He) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

WestAir, which is headquartered in San Diego, has grown to become one of the largest independent distributors on the west coast of the US since operations at the company began in 1970, and now operates 19 supply locations throughout America.

Bob Van Kirk, Head of Distributors for the US Packaged Gas Products and the Caribbean at Linde LLC, sang the praises of the new addition and said, “We’re truly excited to have WestAir as part of our industry-leading network of independent distributors.”

“WestAir has earned a great reputation over four and a half decades for providing high quality products and services to customers in those markets. Managing the company today are second and third generation family members who have a wealth of experience in the business and who have developed great relationships with their customers.”

Steve Byers, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of WestAir, echoed this and stated, “Our relationship with Linde has allowed WestAir the ability to scale up seamlessly, allowing us to keep up with the growth of our bulk and microbulk markets.”

“WestAir has always prided itself on the ability we have to mobilise and be reactive to our customers’ supply requirements. Linde has been a critical component of this as we have grown.”