Linde North America’s North Carolina plant is the eighth Linde production plant to receive Responsible Care certification in 2008.

Linde North America, Inc. has received certification of its Midland, North Carolina, air separation plant under the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program.

The Midland plant, in operation since 2002, separates air cryogenically to produce 255 tons per day of oxygen, 655 tons per day of nitrogen and 13 tons per day of argon.

These products are trucked to hospitals, food processors, metal fabricators, industrial gas distributors, and natural gas well service companies, as well as to electronic component and glass fibre manufacturers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Responsible Care is a globally recognised management system aimed at helping companies improve performance in areas such as safety, health, environment and security.

Certification is mandatory for all ACC member companies, which must undergo headquarter and facility audits by an independent, accredited auditor to verify that they have a structure and system in place that manages and measures performance.

The Midland plant is the eighth production location certified in 2008 under the Responsible Care® programme, Linde’s corporate headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ, was also certified in 2008.

R. J. Frame, head of risk, process safety and product stewardship said, “Although it was very challenging to meet all the criteria at all of our facilities selected for certification in 2008, it was a very rewarding experience.$quot;

He added, $quot;Working toward – and receiving – these certifications falls right in line with our goals as a high performance organisation and our vision to be the leading gases and engineering company.”